Nihonto Art | Very Rare Zunari Dragonfly kabuto
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Very Rare Zunari Dragonfly kabuto

Very rare and unique Tetsu Sabi-ji Zunari Kabuto which has been published in the book “Rare Kabuto, the Beauty of Japanese Armors”

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This very rare styled Zunari Kabuto is a real treat to have in our collection, published in the book “Rare Kabuto – The Beauty of Japanese Armors” attests to the importance and elegance of a piece like this, a write up with pictures can be found on page 30. Accompanied with this kabuto is a copy of the book along with a quality Edo period wood box. The piece is signed by Neo Masanobu, and found on all 4 sides (Front, back, right and Left) are carefully chiseled Dragonfly which are filled with Gold and Silver, the level of craftsmanship is outstanding. Found on the Mabizashi (front vizor) are also carefully chiseled clouds in silver. Another area skillfully¬†done is the Tehen, which acts as a a breathing hole for heat to escape. The Hachi (main upper bowl portion) is not your typical Zukari style, it is far more elongated in the front portion and has a slight V shaped ridge in the middle. The rear portion is highly rounded. The Fukigaeshi (left and right upper ear lobes) are covered in leather and have the Maeda clan Family Crest. The Shikoro ( U shape portion that protects the lower rear and sides) is all covered in the same leather, with iron underneath. The leather does show some more wear in some areas but in general has held up quite well, same with the Odoshi. The inner portion is in excellent condition. In my opinion this is a must have Kabuto as it is unique and rare in many ways.

* The Menpo (Mask) found in the slideshow is item NH0217 which is not included but could be purchased separately.*

Additional Information



circa 350 to 400 years old

Special Features

4 inlayed dragonfly in Gold and Silver


Signed Neo Masanobu