Genuine Antique Japanese Swords & Armor of the highest quality - Nihonto Art
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Welcome to Nihonto Art. Although we live for all aspects of the art of the Samurai, the word Nihonto itself means “Japanese sword”, which is our specialty. Founder Nick Ricupero has fostered this lifelong passion as both a collector and dealer. His high regard for such a timeless art means that each piece is hand picked and carefully selected. We make an effort to search out the most interesting and unique items we can find and as a result have a very diverse inventory spanning the past eight centuries. All of our artifacts are directly sourced from Japan. Come and check in with us from time to time to see what antique Japanese swords for sale have been recently added, if there is a particular item that you would like to acquire and does not appear on Nihonto Art please let us know and we will seek it out for you. Preservation of these artifacts through education is of utmost importance to us and it is our pleasure to help collectors find the piece of history that awaits them along their journey.


  • NihontoArt would like to extend our best of wishes for 2019/2020, may this be a healthy, happy and prosperous year filled with great memories!...

  • NihontoArt had a great weekend exhibiting our finest Japanese antiques in Europe, meeting friends and collectors from many different countries....

  • Watch founder Nick Ricupero battle it out with some of London’s biggest art Dealers. Being offered is a very rare Daimyo’s Wakizashi belonging to the famous Dat...

  • We are delighted to announce the official launch of the new face of NihontoArt. This has been over a year in the making, so we hope you explore the content that will be uploaded in the weeks that foll...



To contact Nick Ricupero with any questions or sword inquiries please fill the form below or email us at

Your information will be kept confidential and will never be disclosed to any 3rd party.