A very Rare 2 BODY Test cut Wakizashi - Nihonto Art
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A very Rare 2 BODY Test cut Wakizashi

Nakago signed “Nanban tetsu wo motte Omi no kami  Tsuguhira” and “Futatsu dou August 1681 AD”

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Like the title says a very rare Test cut Wakizahi by Shodai (1st Gen) Tsuguhira. This piece is interesting for a few reasons, in the signature it mentions Tsuguhira used Nanban Tetsu (foreign steel) which at the time was an expensive commodity because Japan’s borders were closed, it was likely Dutch steel used. Another reason why this piece is very interesting is that it completed a 2 body test cut, meaning it successfully severed 2 bodies stacked one on top of the other in one swing. Not just that, the signature of the smith was inscribed by the same hand that inscribed the 2 body test cut meaning that this blade was most likely made and then went immediately  to perform a 2 body test cut before Tsuguhira inscribed anything. In other words the owner who commissioned the Wakizashi probably wanted to be sure this was a well made piece, and the best way to do so was by performing a test cut. Two bodies was a little excessive for a Wakizashi, to begin with test cut Wakizashi’s are real difficult to come by and typically they are done on a single body. We see 2 body test cut on Katana so for a Wakizashi to be able to achieve this same result is a testiment to the quality and sharpness of this piece. The blade is dated to August of 1681AD, and the polish and work is real impressive, so much so that we guarantee this piece to pass Tokubetsu Hozon by the NBTHK. It is currently accompanied with NBTHK Hozon.

Additional Information



Musashi (Edo- Today Tokyo region)


dated to August 1681AD

Cutting Edge

54.1cm / 21.3 inches


Enpo Period – Shinto (Early Edo)




Shinogi-Zukuri Iore-Mune with very strong Sori


NBTHK Hozon (we Guarantee to pass Tokubetsu Hozon)

Special Features

Wazamono ranked smith