Japanese Armor with Fudo-Myo Engraving (SOLD) - Nihonto Art
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Japanese Armor with Fudo-Myo Engraving (SOLD)

Unique Edo period Yoroi with 32 plate Kabuto and Maeda family crest

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Dou (Chest armour):

The Dou (chest armor) is absolutely stunning, it displays European influence and sometimes referred to as namban Dou, and in Japan more often hatomune dou (pigeon-breasted), this would stiffened the dou without adding weight. besides this there are several point that make the chest armor very interesting, one would be the very largely engraved and inlayed is Fudo-Myo which is a Buddhist God along with clouds to the right and left of it, and the continuation of the clouds is found on the visor of the Helmet. Sticking with the very Buddhist theme you’ll find folded up papers with writing, these are prayers which are nestled within the inner lining of the chest armor, this was most likely done to protect the Samurai. Also there are some Shakudo components above the shoulder area.


The Kabuto (helmet) is really something, composed on 32 plates which means each rib like section is an individual piece put together to form what you see, and there are 32 of those pieces, each rivet can be seen . The shape is very even and the process was well executed, this indicates that it belonged to a higher ranking Samurai since the helmet required the most time and expertise to build. The inner lining is still fully intact and more pictures can be provided if need be. The Maeda family Mon (crest) is found both on the right and left side.

Mengu/ Mempo:

The Mempo (face mask) is exquisite, very highly skilled work and perfectly executed. It is what we call Tstsu sabiji mempo, oxidized iron with its original inner red lacquer. The facial hair is in excellent condition and the expression is something, the shape is very extreme as the nose and chin protrudes far, the expression played as an intimidation factor to the Samurai’s opponents. 


The Maedate (fore crest) in the the shape of a small moon almost fully eclipsed, it is also antique.


The Kote ( sleeves) are in good condition with some beautiful gold accents, you’ll be quickly drawn to the lovely dragons on each arm, painted skillfully they remain in good condition. The chain links that make up the sleeves are all fully in tact and are very nice. 

Hai-date & Sune-date:

The Hai-date (skirt) is also in the same condition, the pattern in the material alone is something to appreciate. The Sune-date (Shin guards) are made from strips of iron linked together

Yoroi Box:

Is beaten a little but still hold up well considering how old it is, definitely did its job in protecting the important contents, made from wood and iron, there is some area of repair with plaster, this was performed log ago.

Additional Information



circa 200 years old

Special Features

Fudo-Myo engraving


Maeda family crest