Katana by Yokoyama Sukenori - Nihonto Art
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Katana by Yokoyama Sukenori

Complete set with 2 sets of NBTHK certification, blade forged by Sukenori or the Bizen Yokoyama school.

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The blade is absolutely stunning, forged in August of 1832AD during Shin-Shinto period (later Edo), it has both the date and makers name inscribed. The signature reads exactly “Bizen Osafune-ju Yokoyama Sukenori, , Tomonari 56th Generation, Tenpo 3rd year 8th month”. Sukenori studied under the Yokohama school of the Bizen Tradition, the Bizen tradition being one of the original Gokuden (Five originating schools), he pride himself as the 56th generation smith of this tradition. The blade has recently passed NBTHK Hozon so the date and age is all accurate and genuine. What is particularly interesting about this blade is the incredible active temper line, it demonstrates 2 different styles in 1, both Suguha (straight tempering) along with Choji (clove shape). The curvature is another attractive feature, Yokohama school liked to make blades with a slightly more intense curvature, and so its a real treat to hold and study this piece. The fittings are absolutely incredible, all matching and with some very high ranked certification to attest to the level of quality. The Koshirae as a whole has passed NBTHK Tokubetsu grade which is difficult for a koshirae to achieve. The theme is almost entirely of dragon with the exception of the Menuki on the handle which are of Shishi dogs.

Additional Information





184 years old, dated 1832 AD

Cutting Edge

66.9 cm / 26.34 inches


Shin-Shinto period (late Edo)


Choji midare mixed with Suguha


2 set of NBTHK certification, one for blade and the other for koshirae


shinogi-Zukuri / Iori-mune