Katana by Yoshitake with 3 body Saidan-mei - Nihonto Art
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Katana by Yoshitake with 3 body Saidan-mei

Just arrived… this incredible piece of history. A lovely work signed by Wazamono ranked “Izumo no Kami Fujiwara Yoshitake”, but not only that it also has a lot more inscribed on the nakago. A very interesting test cut where it cut a single body 3 times in repeated swings, the date “1690AD August” along with the owners name “Hasegawa shi Shigeaki”. We have the original owner over 3 centuries ago who originally commissioned this piece and had multiple test cuts completed. It has been awarded Tokubetsu Hozon by the NBTHK for its remarkable work and condition. A high quality polish has been performed and the activity in the Hada truly jumps out at you.

It comes in this remarkably ornate Edo koshirae, please see in detail the pictures.






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Healthy beautiful katana added. More details and pictures coming soon…

Additional Information

Yamashiro / Musashi


nakago dated August 1690 AD

Cutting Edge

68.8cm / 27.1 inches


Shinto period


Midare with large amounts of Sunagashi


shinogi-Zukuri / Iori-mune


Owners name is inscribed also

Special Features

a test cut was performed 3 times


NEW NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon for blade